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beatings and salutations

Wow, after weeks of no one else matching this in my interest list...
Good to be here!


A man walks into a bar, and orders four shots of vodka. The bartender asks what's up that he's drinking so much.

"I just found out my little brother is gay," is the man's reply as he begins to slam them down.

A couple of days later, the same man comes back, and orders eight shots of vodka, the bartender asks what's happened this time...

"I just found out my older brother is gay too!"

The man proceeds to stagger out after his drinks, but returns once more a couple of days later. He orders a dozen shots of vodka.

"Christ, doesn't anyone in your family fuck women?" asks the bartender.

"Yes, my wife."


Three drunk Irishmen walked into a bar. If they'd been sober, they would've ducked.
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